Puff electric dryers

Puff electric dryers

Today electric hand dryers are used almost everywhere: public toilets, malls, business centers, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, transport terminals, hospitals and hotels. Comparing to the paper towel dispensers they don’t need any expendables.

Hand dryers give you an opportunity to avoid using the textile towels or paper napkins and solve the problem of garbage accumulation.

Purchasing the Puff Hand Dryers you get a lot of advantages: they don’t need expendable materials, they are safe to use and hygienic.

A wide product range of high quality, convenient to use and safe hand dryers Puff is offered on Russian market. There are different models for any issue: hi-speed, vandal-proof, submersible or noiseless hand dryers.


Production complex of “TorgZnakServis” company is an advanced, modern enterprise handling a full-cycle production of hand dryers Puff. It possesses modern European equipment, automatic lines and technologies which afford to produce hand dryers specially designed for Russian operating conditions.

Advanced production is strategically important for our company. It allows us to expand the market in.

High technologies and modern equipment allow us to offer the products of the European quality, worthy of competing with international brands.

Why choose PUFF hand dryers

Best value for money

Wide range of products

Produces a russian company 

High quality and safety of products

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Moskovskaja obl., g. Balashiha, mkr. Kuchino, ul. Juzhnaja 17A


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